About Hopstone - We Believe In Serving Organic & Nutritious Food


We are Hopstone.
We believe in clean and Nutritious food.


We believe in clean and Nutritious food.

Based in Vienna Austria, Hopstone Farm and Craft was started in memory of my beloved wife’s name Hopi. She always believed that a healthy diet consisted of plentiful amounts of fruits, vegetables, and organic meats is the key to living a long and healthy life.
Hopstone Farm and Craft is crafted on the belief that began in our hometown of Vienna Austria where food was a big part of our culture, community, and home. Eating and enjoying good food with others was how I fell in love with my wife Hopi and how we came together as a family. The problem came when Hopi was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2007 and became bedridden. Cancer was hard and changed both our lives. We were both at a loss as to what to do. Hopi was heartbroken from this news.
Hopi then began researching the powerful benefits that organic greens, vegetables, and grass-fed meat had on her diet and how eating these can change our lives. The doctor at the time gave her 6 months to live with the current diet we were on; With the new meal plan that we created, she lived for another several year! The name Hopstone Farm and Craft is a recollection of Hopi’s name and her strength which is like a stone. My mission for Hopstone is to pass down the objectives; that my wife and I enjoyed, which is to eat food as nature intended. Natural, Organic, Clean, and Simple.

Kam Dhami

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